Friday, July 17, 2009

Patriot Nation Hopefully Obama Resigns

The Speach Americans Want to Hear
I, Barry Soetoro, AKA (Also Known As) Barack Hussain Obama resign my duties as the President of the United States.
I resign because I lied.
I am a Muslim and as such am dedicated to the destruction of Christian beliefs.
The pols indicate that this in not what America wants now.
I do not understand this viewpoint, but accept it.
I was born in Kenya and have no proof of my birth, so I must resign.
I laugh in the face of the stupid Americans who ignored the signs and voted for me anyway.
I laugh at the media. Thank you.
My spouse stated that she 'wasn't proud of America' and neither am I.
I do not regret my attempt to destroy America.
I do not regret my association with Reverend Wright who taught me to hate America. I chose to have my children exposed to this hate speech in order to carry on my message of hatred towards Whites in America.
I do not regret my association with Bill Ayers who killed Americans on American soil. Why would I care that we are free because men died on the Normandy Beaches? I'm wanting to free Muslims who don't even want to be in America.
Yes, I don't care about our dead from Military conflict.
I also committed mass voter fraud via the internet. Taking advantage of poor, uneducated blacks and using their information to funnel arabian money towards my campaign.
This is in direct conflict to what I thought the Presdency of America was about.
I now understand that America is not Kenya where my people are killed on a daily basis.
They didn't supply that information on my teleprompter.
With that said, I understan that I am the token nigger. Republicans and democrats alike don't understand sociialismas taught by Saul Alinskey.
My fight, such as MLK, shall be delayed to another day.
Yes, Barack Obama and Sociism...America Sucks and so does her morsas Just Ask Nancy Pelosi

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  1. Socialists don't know they are useful idiots. Lenin said it best, "The goal of socialism is communism."


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