Friday, July 3, 2009

Patriot Nation Shares an Americans Thoughts on the Middle East

Patriot Nation received this email many months ago. Way before the election that plummeted the United States of America from a Freedom Loving Republic into a third world cesspool of Socialism with skyrocketing unemployment, decline of economy and expansive growth of government waste, criminal activity and lies.

If you don't have time to read it all, please read what's high-lighted in Red. Just in case you've had any doubts. (Take time to read the entire thing - it's worth it!)

This is a note from someone who just returned from Israel and Egypt and asked that it be shared across our nation.

Dear Friends,

We are home. Our trip was physically very hard. I lost 10 pounds and got sick. I am glad I went, but would not go back to Egypt. It is a dirty, ungodly country. The smog in Cairo, Egypt was terrible. There are 17 million people in that city and they just throw their trash in the streets.

The Nile River is polluted. I don't know how such a people who built the pyramids regressed like they have. If the Arabs take over America, we will be a slum. And the noise pollution was terrible. They chant their Muslim prayers all day. Our tour guide was a Christian, and he was a fine young man, but the ungodliness of the population is everywhere. It was a real example of the difference of "light" vs "darkness." Jesus is truly the Light.

Israel was clean and wonderful. We could eat the food and drink the water. They were kind and loved us. They may not believe in Jesus but you can tell that God is in that land. It snowed in Jerusalem while we were there and it was cold, but we still toured. The Sea of Galilee was stormy and we went out on a boat a short distance, but came back to shore. The Bible is absolutely true about the fact that you cannot be out on the Sea of Galilee in a boat without the danger of dying. We were amazed at the big waves and wind on that sea or lake.

The weather cleared in Israel at the end of the week and we went to the Temple Mount on a beautiful morning. It was a time with the Lord. We stood at the Golden Gate where Jesus will return. It is sealed because the Muslims are concerned He will return! They even have one of their graveyards outside the gate thinking no King will come through a graveyard. But Jesus is coming! It shows the Muslims are concerned and may believe there is a possibility He will come. I stood and looked at that Gate, and was very moved to think I was standing at the very place where Jesus will enter Jerusalem again.

We went to Bethlehem. We had to let our Jewish guide out of the bus; and our Arab bus driver drove us through the security gate. That high wall that you have been hearing about on TV is there, dividing Palestine and Israel. We then got a Christian guide when we got into Bethlehem. I was there twice before, once in l980 and again in l999 and there is a stark difference in Bethlehem since the Arabs have taken it over. There were hardly any tourists.

We ate in a cafe on the square where I ate before which was packed with tourists, but today it was vacant except for us. They have killed their tourist trade. The Christians in Bethlehem asked us to pray for them, because they have no income now. The Arab men on the manger square glared at us. We did not feel safe and clung together. There were begger boys everywhere. They hate Americans and Israel.

There is so much I could say about this trip. It has changed my life in some ways. I look at the "lostness" of the Arabs and the darkness. I look at Israel; that tiny country amidst such turmoil. If America does not continue to support Israel, I believe God will judge us severely as Americans. The Israeli soldiers were such fine young men and women. They are clean and disciplined and have great love for their land which is something that is missing in America among some of our youth. I rode back to Lubbock from Dallas on the plane with an American Air Force career soldier. He said the Israeli pilots were the best in the world. They can fly planes like no one else!

Lastly, we were asked everywhere about the Presidential race in America. There was great interest. The Jews came up to us and asked us many questions.

They warned us that Obama is a Muslim, not a Christian. In Egypt, the Arabs said the same thing to us; they said Obama is Muslim and they are amazed that Americans would consider electing a Muslim President of America! Once a Muslim, always a Muslim.

I came home loving America even more! Our country is a "light on a hill." Our streets are clean. There are no chants all day. People are kind and take their turn. People over there pushed into line and were rude. They have never heard of the Golden Rule. They will stomp all over you if they want to get in line. I can see now why Jesus' words of loving your neighbor and doing unto others, what you would have them do unto you, were strange words to the lost.. The Koreans were the worse about walking all over us or trying to. We take our Christian heritage for granted here in my opinion. We have sanctity of human life. In Egypt, the Arabs don't have any hope so I can see why they would bomb people and commit suicide. They smoked cigarettes everywhere! I could not breathe in Egypt and I think that is why I came down with the flu again. The smog was so bad at the pyramids, I could tell I was getting sick. I would gag on the fumes.

We need to pray for America and this election every day.

Patriot Nation note: Sadly, for all Americans, this letter never got to enough voters before the election. We are now paying with our jobs, 401K's, investments for the mistake that was made in November 2008. Patriot Nation is posting this letter as a reminder over the July 4th Holiday weekend, July 2009, as it may be the last time we celebrate this Holiday as a Free Nation.

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