Monday, December 13, 2010

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Smile. Wait For Flash
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Smile. Wait For Flash"


  1. My friends at the USAFJanuary 27, 2011 at 2:12 PM

    I want to be up close and personal.When we reach our destination to all you roaming camal humping rag heads. This gift from the great US of A. is on us. Your childrens children will remember this glorious day when your home becomes a non-living radioactive wasteland. The only life that may be present is your last gereration of pure deformaties,you will not exist in the New World of Peace. Burn and melt you fucking, camel dick sucking parasites. When the smoke clears you all should be tied up and left to starve, drink shitty ass water,sitting in the fucking radiation lit skies frying your stupid fucked up mush you call a brain. If I had my way I would gag the shit right out of you, drag your stinking body up and down the hot asphalt till you fall apart like a christmas turkey you fuck! I've seen what ignorant bastards you can be all non-educated fucking illiterate suck ass pricks, you'll believe in mass destruction before you believe in all Ali. Fuck you and fuck your kind! By the time this all ends you and your camel fucking buddies will be turned into ash and your land will be non-livable for a thousand years. Get the fuck out of our country you stinking pig ass sucking grease ball, rag heads! Its going to be a golorious day when it all happens... so get ready 10,000,000 sun block won't help you.

  2. yeah! what he said!!


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